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I recently bought some new RAM (first link below) and I would love to use it in addition to my current RAM, rather than instead of the old stuff (second linke below). Since the voltage and timings are different, what do I need to do to use both? please provide detail as I am not used to changing hardware settings. Also, if I do use only the new stuff, is there anything to do other than power down my system and swap the new in for the old? For reference, my motherboard is described in my sig.
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  1. General rule is that you can get away having memory with different makers and timings but the voltage really messes things up to the point that I don't know for sure but I think that the board is going to try to running the new memory (1.5v) at the 1.65v and this may lead to some problems. You may contact Asus and check with them but I think I would advise you not to try it.

    Christain Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. I like how the OCZ is listed as low-voltage 1.65v. Low voltage compared to what?

    I'm with Wood on this one, BUT... you could try undervolting the OCZ ram and running at 1333. I think. Anyone have a reason that that's a bad thing?
  3. the OCZ memory was bought 2 years ago, at that time 1.65v WAS low. If I wind up only getting to use 12 gb of memory and I sell the OCZ to recoup some of my cost, that wouldnt be the worst thing in the world...

    if I make back a decent amount I may even just buy another set of the G.Skill and go with 24 gb (total overkill i know, but it's a bit more future proof that way)
  4. let me also ask, is upgrading to the new memory (without using the old at all) going to require anything more than just the physical replacement of the memory sticks?
  5. Nope, just that easy.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  6. If you feel you can get a decent price on the OCZ memory, I think that would be the best route.
  7. Thanks for everyone's input, i've bought the G.Skill Sniper series pc-12800 1600 triple channel 3 x 4gb kit and it is installed. With a defrag over the weekend i expect to see significant speed increases! I have my old OCZ Platinum memory listed on amazon and once that sells i might just buy another set of the ram i just installed and have a future-proofed 24gb
  8. look at my new sig! :)
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