Slot 1 acting strange, Asus Mobo

Hi all. this is my 2nd build and was over the moon with it until I did some invest.

Basically, I've returned the motherboard for an exchange unit as I was at a loss as to what was happening but I'll give you a run down of what was happening in case I have missed something silly.

I bought the bundle last week, AMD FX1400 3.6Ghz, Asus M5A78L-M/USB3.0 motherboard and 16 Gb Patriot DDR3 RAM (4x4Gb modules).
All booted up fine after a fresh install of WINDOWS 7 64bit Ultimate. I went to do a quick performance check under windows and noticed System Info was showing only GB installed with 7 Gb available. I ran CPUz and it showed Slot 1 as nothing installed and was grayed out. Slots 2, 3 and 4 all showed 4Gb installed and working fine. I instantly thought it was a bad DIMM module so swapped the DIMM in slot 2 for the one in slot 1. Rebooted and still the same, slot 1 shows no memory installed, 12Gb available with 7Gb usable. Hmmmm. I was a bit peeved so shuffled the DIMMs about. After a reboot, BOOM, 16Gb shown installed with 15.7Gb available and CPUz showing 4Gb in Slot 1. Sweet! This showed okay all evening while I was rebooting, installing Photoshop, Lightroom etc and I was a happy bunny. The next day though, first thing in the morning, I booted up, nice and quick, big smiles. Thought I'd have a quick look in Control Panel and make sure all is good still. It wasn't. Back to only 12Gb installed and 7Gb usable. Arghhhh! Straight away I though, right, this could be temperature related. I left the PC running for half an hour. Rebooted and low and behold, it was back up to 16Gb installed.
I'm wondering if you guys have ever seen anything like this before and could I be right in that it was temperature related? Maybe a bad solder making a circuit when warmed up? I'm worried that I might have done something silly like not setting the RAM in BIOS but surely if that was the case, it would never show 16Gb after the reboots?
Anyways, hopefully have the replacement board by next week but if it's still doing it, having some advice from you guys might help me with any embarrassment.
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  1. Probably just a bad slot on the board.
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