Can you upgrade the CPU in a Dell 11z laptop?

Here's what I want to know...

I have a Dell 11z. Memory has been maxed out to 8gigs. Slight improvement, but not enough. The current CPU is a core i3 330um (1.2ghz). Considering the sockets are the same, can I upgrade it to a 330m (2.16ghz) or 350m (2.24ghz) or 370m without issue? I'm aware that it's a BGA and requires rework to do it. I more concerned if I will fry everything in it once the swap is done.

Does anyone know?
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  1. Physically the chips will work without a problem.

    Whether the BIOS will accept the new processors is the bigger problem.

    It a pain in the A$$ to get them switched out, but if you can do it you should be good to go
  2. Thank you for the info!

    According to dell specs., they have an Inspiron M101z or along those lines that supposedly has the same internals running the 330m versus the 330um. I would assume, that if my current BIOS doesn't accept the new chip that I could flash it with whatever BIOS version dell has running on the M101z. Again, provided that I could get that BIOS file and that dell somehow hasn't blocked me from flashing their hardware, even though I own it I'll have to research it before hand.

    Either way, if and when the job is done I'll post the outcome and performance gains which should be significant...
  3. Flashing the BIOS should be no problem if necessary, as you can access any files on the download site. Just change your computer model to the 101z
  4. Good deal...thanks for the support!
  5. tommy2s said:
    Good deal...thanks for the support!

    Hi. This is an old topic, but I have a similar processor in a dell inspiron 11z, and was wondering if you had any luck with this (if so, I might do the same). Thanks!
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