Looking For Power Supply Review Sites

I am looking for a list of the sites I have seen you fellow Tom's Hardware Forum members recommend to check before investing in a New Power Supply.
And I was wondering if you Read this and know a site that benchmarks and puts Power Supplies to the test could you post a like to the site bellow?
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    The two best imo.
    There's a couple others i can't recall atm.
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  3. Thanks for the replies I will have to bookmark these so I can check reviews before I go out and Buy a PSU again.
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  5. obsidian86 said:

    I cant understand how jonnyguru is a great website i typed in my search and it didnt even return my string result,its ridiculous.
    Unless you can show me the light then maybe i can appreciate it .
    Cant stand user-unfrendly websites

    I am looking for reviews on:
    Corsair CX650M ATX Power Supply Unit (650W)(Semi-Modular)
    Antec VP700P 700W Power Supply
    Cooler Master GM750W 80+ Modular Power Supply

    Because i live in a stupid part of the word where we arent even listed on the map , ever, for anything.
    I am limited to these PSUs for my pocket, i think.

    If you can help me , appreciate it, if not then cool.
    If you can help me wit the Jonny site also great, because LinusTechTips sent me there after i watched one video.

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