I5 2500k idle temp with stock cooler

I'm getting 22*C idle with stock cooler, does this sound legit or wrong? I am using AI tuner to view the temps. I can run Prime 95 for 30 min max temp is 62*C. Do I have a freak cooler or does this sound right? I'm using Intel thermal compound I bought off them after removing what they had pre-existing on it
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  1. It sounds like pretty safe temps to me....

    What is the ambient temp of the room?
  2. 70*F. Just wondering I built my first computer last May and been looking into CPU/GPU coolers. I plan on playing BF3 coming up and have a xfsx 6950 2gb. I just scored an Accelero Arctic cooler extreme plus II for 50$.I got MSI afterburner unlocked so I can go a little past the limit in Catalyst. I also bought 2 extra 120mm fans for side door on my HAF 922. I was just seeing if it worth it to get a CPU cooler seeing how my temps are so low or stick with what I got. I also used AI tuner to OC to 4.5 ghz and is that low on temps.
  3. I think max safe temp is 98C...so yeah you are more then ok.
  4. Cool. And you know how far I could push my 6950?
  5. cjtex said:
    Cool. And you know how far I could push my 6950?

    safe maximum 92C
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