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Hi everyone,
I apologize in advance if I'm asking at the wrong section, but I just want to know if the case fans for the case antec 300 and the additional 120mm fan (5 in total) will all fit onto the PSU I have, which is Would I need to buy additional cables or splitters or etc? The motherboard I have only has 1 fan connector so I prob won't be plugging any fans into that.
Thanks for your time and I'd greatly appreciate any help from you.
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  1. You'll be fine just daisy chain the molex plugs.
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    will work fine :) but if possible i'd fit the front two fans onto the motherboard headers for automatic/manual speed control thru bios or fit a speed control for them - i own a 300 myself & the front fans running @ 100% speed via a molex connection can get pretty noisy :??:
  3. Thanks for the replies, but one more quick question.
    Would the psu and case work with ?
    And I assume it is okay to just chain all 5 fans together into one molex connector plug and into the psu?
    and the heat sink's fan (hyper 212+) will just go into the fan socket on the mobo
  4. You're good that mobo has a SYS_fan header on the bottom right corner.
    I doubt you'll have a problem my Antec 902 comes with 4 stock fans all supplied via molex/psu.
    Additional fan using mobo sys_fan header.
  5. Thank you davcon and jpoos, you are very helpful :)
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