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I'm new to TomsHardware and I'm hoping you all can help. I'm new to building my own computers and this is my first build, so I've bought all the parts, listed below:

EzeeCool Case
Biostar A780L3B Motherboard
Radeon HD 6670 Graphics Card
AMD FX Processor

I've installed the PSU - which was supplied with the case, along with the motherboard, processor, cpu fan, RAM and plugged in all the needed cables. Yet only the fan is spinning, the back panel isn't working, so I can't connect a monitor etc. I've tried with multiple PSU's and no luck what-so-ever.

Has anybody had this problem before and how do I solve it?!

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  1. Is this your board?

    If so, FX processors are not in support list. Means they are not supported
  2. Of course, yes!

    Would this cause no power to the back panel??
  3. Yes, it means that the board can't work with your CPU. FX CPUs are very different from Phenom II. I am not surprised one bit that it does not work.

    EDIT: You need AM3+ board to run FX CPUs.
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