How to set fan speed control gtx 570

I have the latest nvidia drivers and i downloaded the latest system tools but when i set a fan speed rule for my gpu in the device settings nothing happens the fan just ignores my settings and stays on auto.

Anyone know how to get it to obey the settings I want?

EVGA gtx 570 SC is the card.
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    What are you using to adjust your fan speed?

    Have you tried MSI Afterburner?
  2. There is an option to put it under user control just to the right of the slide bar(icon looks like a gear) and then you can set your fan speed by clicking it off of "auto" then hitting "apply" when you set the desired fan speed. this is, of course granted you are using afterburner, and if not, go DL it, it is a great tool. Hope this helps.
  3. Well i was just using the nvidia system tools and there is like a graph thing you can use to set what fan speed your gpu rises to depending on temperature. But like i said that isn't working, the fan just stays on auto.

    I will however try MSI afterburner.

    Edit: I tried MSI afterburner and yea it works good like I want except its one extra program I need to have open. Is there any way to have the fan settings work without having it open?
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  5. Afterburner does not need to be running in order for the custom fan profile to work.
  6. Whenever I close msi afterburner the fan goes back to auto and does its own thing, i need it minimized in the background for the fan to work how it set it in afterburner.
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