ATAPI Error 11

Hi there,

In the past hour, I've had 84 atapi errors, error ID 11, in my event log. The whole machine locks up for a solid 30-60 seconds before resuming at times. This has been happening only as of the past month.

I've been looking around the web for help, but most advice seems to involve swapping cables inside the computer around. Problem is, I'm on a Dell Inspiron 15R laptop.

Do I need to bite the bullet and send this back to Dell? The warranty is definitely expired at this point.

May not have posted this in the right spot, if not can a moderator move this thread for me?
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  1. That's usually a sign the the HDD is dying.
  2. DJDeCiBeL said:
    That's usually a sign the the HDD is dying.

    I was afraid of that. Crap.
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