What computers did you own in the old days? Share your story!

I still have a Radio Shack TRS-80 Pocket computer which I upgraded to 16 "K". I bought it in 1979 or 1980. It still works. I have the printer that goes with it but I cannot find the inks for it.
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  1. My first computer was an Apple 2e or 3e (can't remember), which had a DOS system. Had to learn Apple Basic to use it and then went on to learn the now arcane languages of FORTRAN and COBAL (remember those? LOL).
  2. Atari 165XE, with the bitchin' cassette tape drive. All you needed to copy friends' games was a double deck boombox- press "play" on original tape and "rec" on the blank :)
    Was just a kid, the VERY FIRST THING I typed at the prompt was "Hello." I thought it was gonna answer me or something. Got a "bad syntax" error, which I didn't understand because a) was eight years old and b) didn't speak English.
    Got some understanding of basic computing with a 80286 and DOS. Then 386 SX, which took 2.5 minutes to boot into Win 3.1, then a Cyrix. Awesome times. Got quite good with Delphi later, but nothing more "hard core" :)
  3. ZX80, ZX81, Spectrum 48K, Spectrum +, Atari 400, BBC B, Amiga, Atari, Home Built 286-16 / 386sx-16 / 486-DLC40 / 486-DX66 / P1-75 / Cyrix 5x86-133, / Cel 300A @ 400 / Various P2's/P3's/P4's / AMD K2's / Various Athlons, ICL CP/M.
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