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Hey TH

I have an issue with the Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition.

I have three monitors attached to it, but only two shows an image. I have referred to the support section of where an issue like this has been described, but the solution is not working with my problem.

My problem is that two of the monitors displays everything fine, the final monitor, a Philips 42pfl540 does not display anything. Only a dialog that says "no video signal".

My error-elimination procedure:
Plug the Philips directly to the graphics card: Shows an image
Plug the Philips to the TripleHead2Go: Does not show an image
Plugging the cable that went from TripleHead2Go to the Philips into another monitor: The other monitor shows the image that the Philips was supposed to show.

This could suggest an issue with the Phillips, though an issue I am not sure what to do about, since it is able to display an image fine, when plugged directly into the graphics adapter.

Any suggestions?

Kind regards
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  1. What steps have you taken to uninstall the software and do a clean install, step by step? When I searched your Model Number, all I see is a 42 inch tv. Maybe it is not Compatable with the matrox splitter. I am running 3 x 22" Monitors, that hooked up flawlessly. You troubleshooting has the 42" working from the Video Card alone, but not the Matrox, but when the same cable is plugged into another monitor it works? Sounds to me like you found out your problem;

    Card is fine.
    Matrox is fine.
    42" is garbage.

    I would look to getting a 3rd legitimate monitor if I were you. Again this is going off of a 30 second search, so if I missed something, let me know. I hope this help (even if it does suck that the 42" wont work with the Matrox) Good Luck!
  2. Hi Onlinehero,

    I experienced the exact same problem. When changing the resolutiion to 3072x768 all three display tell me that the resolution is out of range. When I change it back to 2400x600 one of the three displays does not work anymore. When I switch the monitor cables the output of the triplehead2go works again. I had to change the monitor cable of the monitor which did not work and then it worked again.
    After setting the resolution to 3072x768 again, the new DVI-cable broke also, so it seems to me, that the matrox triplehead2go destroys the monitor cable through a short-circuit or overcurrent. I will send the unit back and I hope I will get a replacement.

    best regards,
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