ASUS Rampage IV Extreme vs ASUS P9X79 Deluxe?

Hey everyone!
I was wondering which motherboard is better? It looks like the Rampage IV is, but is it worth the extra money to the P9X79? Of course they both have the LGA 2011 sockets so I can put the 3930k in. Is there a benchmark test between the two? Which one would be the better choice? I'm stuck because I want a really good motherboard, but I don't know if I should waste the extra money if I don't have to. Thanks! :D
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  1. Duh the R4E is better. The R4E or R4F are intended for 3 to 4 GPUs and the Extreme Enthusiast. So running them stock with a single GPU they'll run the same.

    If you're only going to have 1 or 2 GPU's then I'd consider the Sabertooth X79; it has active cooling for both the VRM and Chipset plus it carries a 5 year warranty and if needed can run SLI GTX 690's...

    Q - What GPU(s)?
    Q - What's the Purpose of the build?
  2. A:I will for now be using a GTX 680 4GB, but I will afterwards buy another and do SLI.
    A: Well it's for Gaming, as well as 3DS MAX, Adobe CS6, it's gotta run a lot and it's gotta be able to really run those video, and 3d editing programs, as well as play Videogames on the side ;) I have three monitor's now, so it needs to have 3 Monitor support which it does. I know the R4E is better. Possibly I might want to run 3 GTX 680's, but that all depends of what motherboard I choose, and call me crazy but I will be having 32GB at the start, and upgrading to 64GB of ram. So the motherboard must have 64GB support :)
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    Frankly, there will be 16GB/stick consumer sticks soon or 8*16GB (128GB) support on any of the 8xDIMM X79's.

    That said, IF you're going to game 3xHD (5900+x1080; bezel) then start with 2-WAY GTX 680 4GB day (1) one and get ready to press the 'Add to Cart' the 3rd one soon enough.

    In that setup it's a no brainer get the R4E.
  4. Sounds good! The only one thing I don't like about it is the PCI Express 1X slot. I have the Blackmagic Intensity Pro, so right when I get that it'll be taken, but I don't think I'll be needing another PCI Express 1X slot anytime soon...
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  6. You could place the Blackmagic Intensity Pro in the bottom red PCIe x16 (x1, x4, x8, x16) slot and still have 3-WAY SLI. On the P9X79 DELUXE that's impossible to fit short of water blocked GPUs.
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