Geforce 6200 pci cant run the sims 3

Hello, i have a geforce 6200 pci (not express) but i cant run the sims 3 .when i run the game it says, u dont have pixel shader 2.0, but i am pretty sure (i checked in wikipedia) that geforce 6200 support up to pixel shader 3.0 what can be the problem
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  1. Make sure your GPU graphic cards driver is up to date and that directx is up to date as well.

    DirectX end-user runtime web installer
  2. Looking at the official Sims 3 systems requirements, your GeForce 6200 is supported. Therefore, do what was recommended above.

    1. Update DirectX. The Sims 3 DVD should have it on the DVD (like most other games).
    2. Update your video card's driver to the latest version that supports it. I'm pretty sure nVidia officially stopped supporting the GeForce 6xxx series since it is pretty old. Go to nVidia's site to find the most recent supported driver.
  3. Sounds like a driver problem all right.
  4. I had a 6800 I had to upgrade over 100 driver versions for one game. After downloading the drivers, the game ran fine. Yours should too. I would try heading over to and downloading the drivers.
  5. I am looking to purchase the same card as you described to run my Sims 3 game. You mentioned not being able to run the program. Does your computer meet the other requirements of sims 3? Have you been able to fix your problem?
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