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GTX 465 SLI or GTX 560 TI superoverclocked to 1000MHZ

hey guys i want to upgrade my graphics card. i currently have a gtx 465 from EVGA and i was wondering if i should do dual sli with the gtx 465 or get a GTX 560 TI superoverclocked to 1000mhz with 2 onboard fans from gigabyte. Cards-_-GIGABYTE-_-14125362

i have a 950w power supply so i guess its plenty for my options right now.

please help me
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  1. single card is always superior, get the 560, sli should really only be for the highest end cards
  2. you sure i went onto guru3d and saw that the framerate was higher on the gtx 465 sli than the 560 oc
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    Two 465's would likely be and should be stronger than a single 560.
  4. i guess i should just go with the 560 ti then i can still upgrade down the road
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