Going to upgrade my motherboard, got a few questions.


In a few days I will upgrade my mobo (alongside my cpu and video card).
My curent OS is Windows 7.
It's my first time doing this, so while researching I found out Windows 7 will need to execute a repair.

A friend of mine told me the repair function sometimes comes built-in on the OS, other times I would need to put my installation disc in.
Is there anyway to check this?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. From my recollection, the repair always starts when you try to boot windows from the hard disc, and windows is unable to boot. Along the way during the repair, windows might ask for the installation disc.
  2. you need to do a clean install. end of story. if you have windows OEM it is tied to the board. you cannot reactivate it on a new machine
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