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Will take the cover off EVGA GTS450 cause overheating problems?

Hi, I recently obtained a refurbished evga GTS450 from an RMA ( The card won't fit in my Dell E510 cause it's a BTX box. It will, however, fit perfectly if I take the plastic cover off the card. If I do so, will it cause overheating problems? or I am just better off to ask evga to downgrade me to a single slot card, like a 8800gt.

I am not a heavy gamer, but i do watch hulu and netflix quite often. I play starcraft 2 on medium (the main game I play), nba2k11 on medium (pretty graphic intensive), tf2 on high and that's about all the games I play on a regular basis.

What's your thoughts? Should I take off the cover ? EVGA support even suggested to use (by the way, fantastic customer support from evga for those of you who don't know). I can even leave the computer case open to get better air flow -- thoughts? Thanks!
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  1. No you shouldn't have overheating problems if you take the cover off.Infact you should see better/lower temps.
    The way that card is setup the fan is right on top of the heatsink so their's really no need for the plastic case/shield.Only on cards where the fan is at the end do you need the cover on.
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  3. Thanks!! Do you see any downsides of take the cover off (well I am waiting to hear back from EVGA to make sure it does not avoid my warranty). Or the cover is really just for the look -- like the covers all the new car has on top of the engine.
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    Yah i guess you could say that.To some people it doesn't look good to see the guts of a graphics card but I like the look of it.
    But some cards acutally utlize the shell for airflow.As I said your specific card has the fan ontop of the heatsink so theirs no need for the shell.
    In other reference designs the fan is not ontop of the heatsink and it is on the end of the card this is mainly for exhuast to exit out of the computer and not into the case,on those cards you cannot take the shell off because no air will be going over the heatsink because the fan use's the shell to move the air across the card and out the back from the front.
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