Eyefinity Will this work?

I have crossfire ATI 6870 VisionTech

Three Monitor Two being Alienware Monitors one is a 21.5 The middle is a 23 and the right is a 21.5 Being a LG. All have Same display. I have The LG using a DVI Cable. And the Alienwares Using a HDMI and a tripple HDMI, I just ordered a Active Mini Display Port adaptor, Since my cards have Mini Ports. Im Certain it should work. Right?
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  1. Yes indeed sir, finally setup Eyefinity myself the other night using the same set of connections you mentioned - 1 hdmi, 1 dvi, 1 mini displayport (w/ active adaptor) and all monitors worked flawlessly - just need to create a display group through CCC.
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