Fry's Evolving Price Match Policy

Hi, all, I just wanted to give those that live near a Fry's Electronics ( an update on their price matching policy that I just found out about.

At the beginning of this year they started price matching online and local/chain retailers. That's been established and most "in the know" are aware of this. And I am sure that many of those same people came to find out that it was based on a large list of retailers, including Amazon, Newegg,, etc. If you were trying to price match with the price from a semi-unknown online retailer, you'd get no love from Fry's.

Today I called to ask if they would price match with, who had the blu-ray Concert For George marked down $10 cheaper than Fry's and they stated that they now price match with ANY and ALL online retailers, whether they are partnered with Fry's or not. I haven't asked them if this works with any non-Amazon sellers on (which was a no-go in the past), but hoping that it would work. Also, I didn't ask about Ebay, but I kind of doubt that.

In any case, I thought there might be some folks out there that would be interested in that bit of info. I couldn't figure out any where else to post, and it seemed like those that are in build-mode might benefit from this. Fry's has a great selection of hardware compared to all other electronics/computer/sandbox stores and I am hoping that they will stick around for a long while.

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  1. I shouldn't have spoke so soon... went to Fry's today and they gave me a blank stare when I explained to him what another employee told me, in regards to matching with any online store. They pointed to the list of stores that they go off of, but in the end they still gave me the deal that I found on Oh well. It's too bad that they don't have their *** together and that some employees are passing out bad info. Still, they do price match with the big ones that usually have the best deals, anyway, so it's hard to complain.
  2. I tried to save a trip and gas by getting a price match to OfficeMax which is a major retailer, a competitor, and on their list referred to by Brandon. After much effort and escalating to management, they basically said they could not match OfficeMax's price since it was on sale! In other words, it appears to be just another gimmick to get you in the store. I have never really liked Fry's customer service, and will probably never return after this incident. I was so mad for such a waste of my time and false advertising that I left my cart full of stuff in the middle of the store.
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