Multi chanel memory tutorial request


anyone can suggest me article about ram memory on multi chanel mode ?
rather not Primary please!
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  1. I'm not sure you even need a tutorial. Your motherboard manual should show you how to run your RAM in Dual Channel mode (or Tri/Quad channel - depending on motherboard).

    In general, to get your board to work in dual channel you need a pair (two sticks) of RAM of the same frequency, CAS latency, and manufacturer. Next put one stick in Channel A (Sometimes labeled Channel 1) and the other stick into Channel B (or 2).

    Really all there is to it. Your motherboard or CPU should auto-detect when the RAM is configured for dual channel and automatically enable it at POST.
  2. i need this article because i am writing a book about it and need more information about Concept of timing matching or other detail of dual or quad ram memory in multi channel mode
  3. If you have access to EBSCO host or some other online resource like it you should try to research computer buses or dynamic random access memory. That should turn up a significant number of books and articles about signaling, timing, latencies, etc.

    I'd find links for you now but it's 3AM here. If you still need links later today I'll try to find some for you.
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