Sug 775 board for highest OC Q9400

Hey guys, I cleaned out my case along with the fans and heatsink and now it wont startup. I'm 99% sure its the MB as I saw some bent pins in the socket when I took the cpu out to clean off the old paste and I've been messing with it since verifying the other parts. I did this in prep for boosting my OC higher, I'll be getting a new gpu soon and I want to push the cpu so its not bottlenecking too much.

I had it rock solid stable at 3.2 for the last 3 years on a gigabyte ep45-ud3r, but i'm hoping for 3.8 or at least 3.6, I might have pulled it off with that board but since its not starting i'll probably never know. Its a locked multiplier so the board needs to do its part. Having a goal in mind I figured I'd ask if there's a different board that would be better to pull this off.

New over referbished. Under $100. Newegg or any reputable site. I noticed newegg has discontinued the vast majority of atx boards while still having a ton of micro atx's for sale. I have a mid tower or even a 2nd large tower case so it shouldn't matter space wise. Never had a micro board, but I want enough connections and things, no clue if they OC the same or not.

please post links. thx in advance.
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  1. You won't find anything new for $100; I would settle for used; check craigslist for people needing quick cash and make an offer. I go for the cpu/board/ram deals and offer around $100 so it can be tested on the spot, then sell the leftover parts you don't need.
  2. The matx pricing threw me off. I thought it would be well under 100 but I need 4 dimms so those arent gonna work.
    Seems like pricing is a bit high considering how many ppl had core 2's and have since upgraded.

    But assuming this is gonna cost me more, can someone list some boards that are known to be solid high OC's so I know what to look for. I'll weight out how much I am willing to spend after I see all my options.
  3. thanks, $118 isnt too bad, definitely considering that one.
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