Game crashes when using GTX 580 Pls Help!

I have recently upgraded to a EVGA GTX 580 from SLI'd GTX 260's and use one of the 260's for dedicated physics.

The issue I am having is when I go to play ARMA 2, ARMA 2 Combined Operations; my game crashes to desktop but can't figure out how to fix this. But when I play other games it don't crash! I am thinking the issue might be with the one GTX 260 (DX9 Card) running physics for a (DX11 Card) could this be the issue or if not please help me here!

Please note:

I have re-formatted my HDD and done a fresh install of Windows 7!

I do not have the SLI bridge connected do I also have to have this connected?
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  1. If its a problem that occurs with those games only, then its the games' fault.Check for updates and patches. Try running the game by selecting the default settings form NVIDIA Control Panel.
  2. I did that but it still crashes...could this be a problem with a overclock issue on the cpu or an issue with a windows file that got messed up when overclocking the cpu?

    Q9550 @ 3.72Ghz

    EVGA 780i Motherboard

    8GB Corsair Dominator 1066Mhz

    Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit

    Corsair HX 850w PSU

    EVGA GTX 580
  3. Overclocking does not mess up OS system files. You can try running the game @stock clock speeds as some games do sometimes crash when the CPU is overclocked.
  4. To tell the truth I live in UTAH and my friend in California is having these problems and I personally don't think the OC is the issue cause I have my i7 950 oc'd to 3.8 and I can run the same game fine so I am thinking its an issue with the graphics card drivers or software but can't really tell unless I am actually there to look at it.
  5. Try a fresh install of ARMA 2. If that doesn't work then try removing the 260 and see if thats causing a conflict
  6. We have removed the 260 completely and reinstalled the game and it still crashes...could this be a faulty GTX 580?
  7. RMA the gtx 580
  8. Its pointless to RMA the card if its causing problems with one game only.
  9. Why not try the 260 see if it still crashes.
  10. First off, the 260 is not running physics for ARMA. That game is not a PhysX accelerated game.

    Secondly, what sort of crash are we talking about? The game crashes? The computer BSODs? Makes a big difference.

    Also, when you OC anything there's a chance for errors. Have you thoroughly stress tested the CPU and RAM after OCing? (and how did you do it?)

    Have you played any other games? Any issues?

    Are your temps getting too high?
  11. Dunno if your responding to me directly but I still would advice trying to run the game with only the 260 installed.
    Though it seems unlikely that a broken 580 would only affect that game.
  12. He has just upgraded from the 260 because of constant crashing in Arma 2 using the 260 and we think we may have solved the issue...system ram had different timings for each stick. Now with that corrected its seems to be running fine.
  13. Still strange he never had an issue before and only with that game, ah well as long as it is fixed.
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