Could i have damaged my mobo and components?

Hello guys, sorry for this kind of useless thread. Just after some reassuring or opinions.

Today i started the process of upgrading my computer with the following parts

Asrock Z77 extreme 6 (socket 1155)
I5 3570k
Corsair Tx750 V2
G-skill 8gb ram

I see myself as quite knowledgeable when it comes to building PC's but made some silly mistakes today ):

I had every installed correctly but forgot to plug the power cables into my HD 5870 and the 8 pin connector for the motherboard (ATX connector separate to the 24 pin connector).
So i proceeded to test the boot when i got a loud continuous beep, after some research found that it was the graphics card not powered..
Powered the system a couple times before realizing the cable was unplugged.
That issue was fixed

Tried a second time, got the usual 'not signal'. During this, the cpu fan and case fans were all running but the system would not load in.
Powered the system a couple times before realizing the cable was unplugged.

Once i figured i left the cable out it worked fine after that..installed windows, fast boots, no issues at all.

But my question is, would my stupid mistakes cause any damage to the motherboard?
Shortened life? etc

Just been stressing over it since i spent a bit on it and quite annoyed at myself for the lousy errors

Thanks Rhys
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  1. Not at all. I've done that many times
  2. Thanks for the reply :)
    good to hear it from someone else
  3. I have done the same thing a number of times as well. First time was about a year and a half ago when I did my most recent build, and since then I haven't had any motherboard issues, so I wouldn't worry about it.
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