Will my CPU bo-neck the GPU?

I have more questions - here we go!

Here's my current systems:

So the question is:

1. I'm planning to buy MSI HD 6850 Cyclone OC for my PC, will my CPU bottleneck it?
2. Is there something "less" in my system? I want to build a gaming PC and i think, there's something i need to upgrade besides the GPU.
3. Can Amacrox Earth Style 500w handle the 6850?
4. Will the FPS increase if i OC this card? Or it will leave no change in performance?

That's all what i want to ask to you all. So, happy answering :)
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  1. 1)Depends on the games/resolution you play. But overall,it shouldn't be much of a problem
    2)Yes,definitely upgrade the RAM to 4GB
    3)Yes,but get a better PSU later from reputable brands such as Antec,Corsair,Coolermaster,Seasonic etc.
    4)OC'ng will give you extra performance but sometimes it isn't anything huge.
  2. I play on 1280x1024 (17" CRT and planning to upgrade to 18,5"/19" LCD) with ultra high settings, Full AA, AF, Shadows, SM (Specular Map), or something that makes my game turn to "real".

    About the RAM, what would you say Corsair or Gskill? And Single channel or Dual channel? Is it true that Dual Channel RAM will bring more performance to gaming?

    Amacrox EarthStyle was certified 85+ and the reputable brands such as Corsair and Coolermaster will spend my money too much. Coz my budget for PSU is around 450,000-500,000 IDR (1$ is around 8500 IDR).

    But will it bring more effect on the FPS while gaming, now just wonder if i OC the GPU (860MHz) into 900MHz, Will it takes effect or just affect my systems? Or maybe leave with no change?
  3. Oh yeah, more question about RAM..what would you say if it's Corsair vs Gskill vs Geil? SC or DC?
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    Dual channel won't make a huge difference in games,I'd recommend both Corsair and G.Skill,they're both great.
    Like I said,OC'ng GPU will give you better performance but most of the time,it's not anything huge(the best way is to determine this,is to get the new card and OC it and check the performance difference yourself)
  5. i understand how OC ing works :D

    Now about the RAM, how if i buy a Corsair 4GB with the same speed and install it on the 2nd slot on my mobo. What do you think? Will it bring some effects or just affect my PC? Or it isn't a healthy way to upgrade my RAM? :D lol
  6. If you can find the exact RAM,then go for it(though I don't recommend it because they're not paired)
  7. While it'll not affect my PC, why not? Anyway, after i have more budgets i'll buy one more 4gigs RAM so it'll be Dual Channel..hehehe
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  9. I think 74 C is high for a 635 unless you are stress testing.
  10. jsc said:
    I think 74 C is high for a 635 unless you are stress testing.

    No, i'm not on stress testing when i capture this image..but i agree with you - this 635 is too hot!
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