Would an i3-2100 bottleneck a Radeon 6850

So basically would an i3-2100 bottleneck a 6850. If it does if I were to buy a new CPU would I have to buy a new copy of windows 7? Only because I bought my PC and I know about all the stupid OEM stuff just wondered if it would effect it.
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  1. no the i3-2100 is perfectly fine with a 6850.
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    ^+1 no it will not bottleneck the HD6850. OEM windows follows the platform that is the motherboard not the CPU so no problem upgrading CPU!
  3. Nope. A 2100 is good enough even for GTX560Ti/HD6950's on high resolutions.
  4. Would a new CPU require me to do like a BIOS update, I'm still new with this kinda stuff but I'm learning fast.
  5. It depends on the motherboard.
  6. I have a biostar h61mh I plan on getting a crossfire capable board in the future, but the cost for OS will suck
  7. That board supports all the current Sandy bridge CPU's so no problems.
  8. yeas it would support it because you are using a good system
  9. Thanks guys lots of help i'm beginning to like tomshardware lots of smart people!
  10. i3-2100 will have no problem hanging with the fastest video card out there.
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