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Performance drop with HD2600

Hi all
I'm haveing a sudden graphic performance drop in my notebook. The graphics card is a HD2600 in a MSI GX610 notebook.
The problem is that in every graphic intense application there is a frame rate drop that there wasn't beafore, that are also visible in benchmark resaults. To be more specific, it's more than a double performacne drop! Using SiSoftware Sandra 2011 I managed to narow it down. Runing the Video Rendering test in Direct3D 10, I saw that there was a 55% drop in Float Shader performance, while Double Shader performance droped only 4%. Running in Direct 3D 9 is even worse, a perfrormance drop of 64% in float shader, while double shaders had a 1% drop. Runing OpenGl test got me more puzzled, since here the tests shoe no performance drop, all within 1% differnce.
I did all the "standard practise" things, tried to reinstall the drivers and directX, but it didn't help. I'm trying to avoid a total system reinstalation for numerous reasons. The sistem is running Windows 7 SP1.
Any other ideas anyone?
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  1. Get gpu-z and check the clocks then the temps, once done report back. Need that information as there could be some downclocking or non reference clocks.
  2. Here is the information:


    As far as I can tell, there is no downclock, everything is at it's values as in the specifications (1-0% margin is nothing). Temps are another story, there are no sensors.
  3. The clocks are at stock so I suggest that you wipe the drivers if you have not already and being a DX10 class gpu it still has modern up to date driver support. Were there any changes prior to the problems like a new program being installed or updating of a web browser?
  4. I did that a couple of times, tried with every version of the driver I could find. Also reinstaled DirectX SDK (June 2010, the latest version) and runtime components.
    Changes are a bit dificult to account, but of the top of my head: Internet Explorer 9(but ran fine for a moth beafore this), update of SQL server 2008, update of Visual Studio 2010 and numerous VS components, windows update, Adobe reader update and flash player update, ...
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    It could be a flash or java related issue if there is nothing wrong with driver or hardware. There isn't much that I can do to help as it is beyond my normal expertise. If it is hardware then I suggest that you start to keep trends about the performance of your hardware for a while then track that to see if there is any continued declines that would hint at degradation. I am assuming that this laptop is used for work as a workstation with mobility being a primary factor. Like cars modern computers tend to reflect the overall quality of what is available in other markets. Computers of the past like old cars from decades long gone tend to far outlast their usefulness while the newer and more pretty machines simply fall apart.

    So I suggest that in time you look to upgrade to a more modern machine or one that is of higher quality. You could try a new install of windows on a spare hard drive leaving the current one untouched to see if things continue. If they do not them it is software related.
  6. I probably should have mentioned this earlyer, but it kind of sliped my mind, the HDMI isn't working any longer(not OS, driver or software related, since it can't display anything at sturtup), so I too think that it could be a clear case of hardware degradation... Looks like this notebook is slowly crawling to the end of it's lifespan. Not too suprising, since it is running about 23 hours a day (the 1 hour is the time it is off due to transport...) and with intense workloads 70% of that time. Looks like it's about time to start scouting for a replacement...
    Thanks for the help ;)
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  8. You are welcome and good luck with your new laptop/workstation.
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