Wt to choose between evga 560 ti SC & sapphire 6870?


as the title said, i wonder wts better in gaming between EVGA 560 ti SC and Sapphire 6870 and WHY?
thanks in advance.
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  1. the 560 is faster and more expensive. the 6950 is generally faster than the 560 you may want to consider that also.
  2. The 6870 isn't even close. The GTX 560Ti competes with the 6950. If the 6870 and 560 are the same price, get the 560. If the 6950 2GB and 560 are the same price, get the 6950 2GB.

    Performance Comparison: http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/290?vs=330
  3. the gigabyte overclocked 560 ti's are the fastest out there. the 1000 MHz model rivals a gtx 570.

    here's some data:
  4. Thanks, the price of 6870 and EVGA 560 ti SC is about 30$ difference so its not that much.
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