New motherboard, Can't reinstall windows?

Okay guys so i just got finished putting a bunch of my new parts in my new case today after i got my motherboard in.

The motherboard POSTs beautifully, no problems, and then i went to reinstall windows like you normally have to do with a new motherboard, however, it absolutely refuses to play the OS disc.

When I get into the UEFI BIOS i choose, boot menu --> then the DVD of which the operating system is on --> then it proceeds to tell me windows failed to start blah blah blah start repairor start windows normally, blah blah. Tried both, neither work.
Why on earth would it not be playing the disc????

NOW, the hard drive and disc drive are from the old computer because i haven't gotten around to buying the new ones yet.
I suspect this has something to do with it, but i don't see why.

Here is the motherboard, hard drive, and disc drive.

Motherboard -
Hard Drive -
Disc Drive -

All Sata cables and power cables are connected. That's not the issue.
The Disc Drive sata cable is connected to the WHITE p1 Sata port on the motherboard.
The Hard Drive sta cable is connected to the WHTIE p3 Sata port on the motherboard.

I made sure not to connect them to the blue eSata ports on the motherboard.

Am i missing something obvious here?

Edit: The Boot Device LED is NOT on either. Which baffles me even further.
Also, i have tried windows 7 ult as well as windows XP
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  1. okay here's an update.
    I put my hard drive in my dad's computer, got the data i need, the nuked the damn thing lol. So after i wiped the hard drive, i tried to put BOTH the windows 7 and windows xp discs in and i keep getting "Reboot and select proper boot device blah blah."
    However, when i put the disc i use to wipe computers in, it detects that and runs it perfectly; just not my operating system discs.
    Any ideas?
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