I am looking at building my first PC and am looking at RAM. Will I get significantly better Photoshop performance out of low latency 8g pc 1600 memory sticks, 9-9-9-24 VS 10-10-10-27 for example. Will I see a big difference between 8, 16, or 32 gigs. The Sabertooth Motherboard will only accommodate 32 gigs. Also, AMD 6 core VS 8 core. Is there a patch yet for windows 7 that will use all 8 cores or will a fast, turbo boost 6 core outperform a slower 8 core? Thank you Sarah
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  1. Hi, @sarah,
    There is no massive difference between those timings, by the way keeping those numbers lower will give you even good performance (not too much).

    8 cores won't gives you more performance than x6 because niether application uses more than 4,6 cores.
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