Memory and cpu instability ?

Okay, so this is gonna be a looong story:
I bought an 990fxa-ud3, fx-8120 BE and corsair vengeance about 2 months ago, i was really happy and i clocked my fx-8120 @ 3.8ghz at 1.3volts, i also clocked my corsair vengeance to 1600mhz @ 1.5v --- THIS all was with a stock cooler at 55-60temps

Now, i bought a cm hyper 212 evo and temps lowered A LOT. I naturally started aiming for higher clock speeds so i went to 4.0ghz @ 1.325 volts and left the ram at the same speed. Everything was fine at first but then i started getting a lot of BSOD's. I updated my drivers, reformatted my drive, did lots of checks and stuff - memory diagnostics tool in windows etc. I was so worried that i took my PC apart and checked everything and worried that maybe i damaged something when i was installing the new cpu cooler.

But then i went into prime95, opened up hwmonitor and tested ram with Blend (tests some of everything, lots of ram tested).
So i tested my 2x4gb corsair vengeance - found an error in 2 minutes. Tested 1 stick of it - found an error. Tested the other stick - found an error. At that moment i was so worried. I grabbed my old a-data 2x2gb 1333mhz, loaded optimized defaults - overclcoked everything except ram and tested that 2x2gb and got the same errors.

At that moment i thought to just remove all the overclock and voila - no errors in 15minutes, then i went up to 4.0ghz at 1.325 volts again and found errors in ram blend test. Well, then i put my corsair vengeance ram back, tweaked it to 1600mhz at 1.5v, put my cpu to 3.8ghz at 1.3v and now ive been running the blend ram test in prime95 for 20+ minutes without errors.

So can any1 help me ? I really dont want to be stuck at 3.8ghz at 40C cause i can do so much mroe with that cooler, but i just cant get the instability. I also tried my corsair vengeance at 1.55v and 1.6v, didnt make a big difference altho the errors came a bit later than usual (after 5min or so, instead of 2min.)

So yeah, a long story, but im really desperate now, please help me :/ Ask me any questions at any time about anything and lets try to figure the problem out together. I would really like to aim my cpu clock speed at 4.0-4.4ghz and ram at 1600mhz+. Thanks!
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  1. anyone ? please ? im desperate
  2. Please ? does anyone have a clue
  3. Bump!
    Please someone!
  4. where can i see the BLK settings etc ?
    all the amd features (c1e, cnq) is turned off.
  5. i read a guide, that when youre overclocking you should turn the features off..
  6. so which stuff should i turn back on ? should i just put all of it on Enable or Auto ?

    And still, why cant i go over 3.8ghz.. it runs on 3.1ghz at 1.4v so the voltage is not the problem..
  7. what i want, is the max performance out of my cpu as i can... so basically - as high clock as the temperatures allow, atm it peaks at 40C
  8. so umm, urban legend.

    do you have some time now please ?:)
  9. so, anyone ? :D
  10. anyone pealse ?
  11. default voltage is 1.4v, nty
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