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I have a 955BE with a stock cooler, now I've always had an issue with fan speed. The fan generally remains @ 3300 RPM's no matter what load etc, speed fan does not change fan speed and neither does AMD OD (Cool and Quiet is disabled as well).

When I was re doing cable management in my case today I noticed that my fan was actually working properly now, however for some reason it only runs like it's supposed to with no other fans connected via molex. I've tried individual fans by themselves and groups but it does not react and speed up like it should, it will slowly speed up with some fans connected by not really as fast as it should. Having LED lights connected to molex has no effect either fan will run properly. I've built quite a few computers and haven't run into this issues before.

My PSU unless the actual cables and or PSU it's self is defective the quality itself can't be an issues, it's a 650w corsair bronze certified. I'm not running anything powerful what soever, 9800 GT two HDD's. My case is a Storm Scout if anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated.
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  1. Is fan speed control enabled in the BIOS for the CPU fan? Check settings. If that is ok, you could have a faulty fan.
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