Replaced motherboard computer wont turn on.

Hello I have a dell optiplex G280. It kept freezing on me so I tried to reinstall Windows. Froze during installation. I then ordered a new board(working?) With a Intel p4 3.2 ghz the last was a 2.8. The power supply starts up and power supply fan starts running. Then it shuts down and us unresponsive. Could the board be bad?.
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  1. it may have a different chipset, which could cause it to blue screen. so you would need to reinstall the os.

    to verify that it is bluescreening, restart and press f8 select do not restart on failure.
  2. the computer wont boot at all. I plug it in and the power supply start running for a second as well as the power supply fan then shuts down. There is nothing displayed on the screen. I unplugged all devices and get nothing still. I then replaced the motherboard battery and the screen popped up for me to press f2 to set date and time, but it was not accepting the keyboard inputs. I then powered it down, by unplugging it the power button did nothing, then plugged it back in. The computer did the same thing has it had been doing, NOTHING.
  3. To rule-out a bad PSU - unplug the PSU from the socket for 10-15 minutes if the 'boot' time is longer then that's a good indication of a PSU.

    Next, To rule-out a bad stick of RAM - try booting with (1) stick of RAM at a time and swap out the (1) stick for another (1) stick
  4. the power supply is good and I've tried every stick of ram individually no difference .at the moment the only thing plugged into the motherboard is 1 stick of ram and the power supply
  5. Then assuming nothing is attached (no USB headers, nothing to the I/O except a monitor) 80% MOBO and 20% CPU.

    Anytime I see multiple MOBO failures then 9.99/10 it's the PSU that kill the MOBO.

    So if it were me and you tested as I suggested then RMA the MOBO and get a new PSU.
  6. i do not believe the power supply is the issue. It always has worked fine and I replaced the board with the same exact board so it should not have needed any extra power
  7. My example, I have a nice PSU a Corsair HX850. After I built the PC it ran great for a couple of days (the time can be a couple of weeks) then I started to get sudden shutdowns for no reason. Ah -- it must be the MOBO -- so I replaced the MOBO. Fired it up same problem it failed to boot.

    My Oh Crap alarm went off -- it was my PSU that killed the 1st MOBO and it took (1) boot from me to realize. The failure rates for MOBO's is 2% so a 0.04% realization struck. In the end -- 2 drives & 1 MOBO were killed -- booting up a couple more times it could have been (2) MOBO's. Everything was NEW.

    Look at all of your common elements -- again if a 2nd MOBO is indeed dead then as stated -- "9.99/10 it's the PSU that kill the MOBO."
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