AMD vs Intel?

I've been building Towers for years and have favored AMD since the old K6 chips.
I have not built a PC in about two years so I've fallen a little behind.
Here's my dilemma: I'm building a budget gaming PC for my wife and I'm seeing chips from both with similar specs and Intel is looking cheaper. It used to be the other way around years ago lol.
In terms of price to performance how does everyone feel about either one?

I'm considering
AMD Athlon II X2 255 Regor 3.1GHz


Intel Pentium E5700 Wolfdale 3.0GHz

Thanks for the feedback

p.s. I'll elaborate on what I want it for. My wife wants to play wow with me so that all it needs to do. If I can get it to run low-medium settings @30fps it would be great.
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  1. Both are pretty outdated and not what you want in a new build. I suggest you get a Phenom II x2 and unlock it to a quad.
  2. Both of those are still competitive for the price range; I assume you aren't expecting hardcore gaming out of a $65 CPU

    Have you considered a Llano-based build? The A4's fusion graphics are good enough for light gaming, and you can add a Radeon card in CrossfireX if you need more.

    Newegg has a nice combo deal on the A4 with mobo, case, 500W PSU, 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM right now for $240:
  3. if you are going with low end chips for a low-end budget build, get the AMD Regor 455 triple core. its about the most you will get for $75. you can find it on personally though, i would highly recommend a Phenom IIx4 for any gaming, as its the best chip for the money on amd, or an i5, as this is intel's best bang for buck right now.

    to the OP, either chip will have minimal/negligable benefits depending on which bench you its a coin flip and your personal preference.

    For low end gaming though, either the triple core from amd, or an fx model with integrated graphics would suit you best.
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