Computer shuts off wont turn on without cold start sometimes

My computer started shutting of during intense games so I got msi after burner and found my gpu and physics card were both reaching 70c regularly. I set the fans to a better speed and that fixed the heat but the shut offs still remained and now it was doing it randomly. I took out my gtx470 and just used my physx card (88gts512) for my gpu and the computer would turn off everytime a game started. Then I changed the power profile to high performance and that fixed it but only with the single 8800gts. If I put my other 8800 in and use sli the shutoffs return and if I put the 470 back in the same thing. I think its my power supply going. Its and old 1010 watt that I think cant handle the stress anymore but I wanted to get other opinions.

other parts
asus evo 980a chipset
amd 3.2/6 core
ocz vertex 2 90 Gb
mushkin 2x4 GB memory seems fine I havnt tested it but it happens weather one or the other is in so.
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  1. Wow I guess Ill try a better forum.
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