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My home network worked fine while I had DSL. Now I changed to cable and the new Modem has only one ethernet port. Here is where my problems started:
Let me tell you exactly what I have now and what the issues are:

Internet is cable - going into Cable modem. Ethernet from Modem goes into D-Link DI-624 Router. 1 Ethernet cable goes from router to PC. Another goes from Router to another router (D-link WBR-1310) to the other side of my house (it is a very long cable). Now to the other Router WBR-1310. The incoming ethernet cable is going into one of the LAN Ports (not the WAN) and another ethernet cable goes form that router (LAN) to my MediaServer (dlink dsm320).
In the past I had trouble getting my MediaServer connected to my PC - I think that was the reason I had the incoming cable plugged into the LAN port. I also think I had DHCP disabled for that reason.
Well I'm not an expert in networking.
Now here are my problems.

Computer: If everything is connected I cannot access theInternet. It says connected to Network3 (even shows Internet connected) but nothing. So I unplug the cable going to the other router and restart the DI-624. Bingo Internet works. Then I plug the cable back in and all still works. EXCEPT on the WBR-1310 router I can not connect to WIFI with my Cell Phone (NexusOne). Which is strange because my Chumby (internet-connected AlarmClock/Internet Viewer) has a connection via WIFI. I used a Static IP on my Phone and it worked, but the next Day -NOTHING-. Strange. I think part of the problem might be that both router still have the factory IP Adress (both have the same) MAybe that is part of the problem causing conflicts?
Any help on how to fix this networking mess would be appreciated. If you need to know the exact settings of the routers please ask (specifically) waht you need to know since I dont know all the "Lingo" :-)
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    1. Set the IP of the DI-624 to something like
    2. Enable DHCP on the DI-624 with an IP range of -
    3. Set the IP of the WBR-1310 to and disable DHCP on this router (The goal here is to pick an IP on the same subnet as the DI-624 without choosing an IP address that it will automatically assign to connecting devices)
    4. Connect the WBR-1310 and DI-624 from LAN port to LAN port.
    5. Restart all network devices (or if you're advanced just clear all the IP settings from current devices)
    6. Test connectivity from both routers

    If you are getting IP conflicts, then you'll probably want to check the firmware on the DI-624 and possibly assign static addresses to everything.

    Hope this helps.
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