Help needed; V6GT is not able to keep 1090T cool

I have coolermaster V6GT CPU cooler ( and using coolermaster HTK-002 high-performance thermal compound. Some how this is not able to keep temperature from rising even when I overclock my Phenom II X6 1090T from default 3.2GHz to even 3.5GHz (I changed CPU multiplier to 17.5 and CPU-NB to 2400MHz and HT is at default 2000MHz), voltages are set to AUTO; and while running prime95 in 15 mins its touching 60C.

Now I am not sure what is causing this problem as CPU fans are running fine around 1800+rpm. Can anyone give me some suggestions ? This is the first time I am trying to overclock any CPU and using CPU cooler other than one which comes with CPU.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. How did you apply the thermal paste and how much did you use? Artic Silver is some of the best paste you can get really. Also, when you use it, you want to clean all stock paste from the processor if any is on it. You only want to use one drop on the center of the processor. Personally, what I do is do that, and then use a finger to spread it evenly over the chip. After that, mount the cooler. Also, you want tot make sure you have adequate airflow in the rest of the case.

    I think one mistake guys make is that they put the paste on and don't spread it, so you may not get the even spread, and also sometimes guys put too much paste on, which bascially will insulate your cpu and slowly cook it. I've built a couple of x6 rigs, only times I saw temps anywhere near what you were talking about was when using intel cpu burn test. But they were stable nonetheless with stock coolers at stock speeds. Most of the time they would idle in the 30's.
  2. Hi ohiou_grad_06,

    Thanks for suggestions. The problem was actually the FAN directions (both FANs were throwing AIR outside rather than one taking IN and other pushing OUT). I fixed this and did thermal paste thing again.

    Now everything is working.

  3. Glad to hear it's working better now.
  4. Yes it's good now. I overclocked it to 3.7gHz with CPU-nb at 2.6ghz @ 1.4v. With prime95 temperature is touching maximum 54C which is good I think.
  5. Just be careful, I think the ceiling on those things is around 60. So don't want to cut it too close for only a few more FPS.
  6. ohiou_grad_06 said:
    Just be careful, I think the ceiling on those things is around 60. So don't want to cut it too close for only a few more FPS.

    You are right, I am keeping this in mind.

    Although FYI I noted one thing that none of the game is going to utilize full 100% CPU thus temperature is not going to touch what Prime95 is touching. Like I did a bit of more overclocking and in Prime95 temperature was touching 60C _but_ while playing Crysis on everything max at 1080p; the maximum temperature touch by CPU was 49C.
  7. Keep in mind also though, some games are more cpu intensive than gpu intensive. So just using that as a blanket statement does not count. But if you have good airflow, you probably will be fine.
  8. Nice suggestion. I think I have good Air Flow (added another fan besides the ones already in CM-690 II Advanced.

    Also I know this thing thats why I set my BIOS to start beeping if CPU temperature touches 60C; hence if during game or whenever it reaches 60C I hear buzzer soound :)
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