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Final RAM decision!

The first kit:

The second set:

The second set is 2133, while the first is 1866. I'm willing to spend the extra $50 if there is a performance gain, but if there is no unnoticeable change, I don't want to just throw away money.
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  1. Whats your CPU?
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    This one will run cooler @ 1.5V : ) I like both.
  3. Intel i7-3770K
  4. Yep, same answer.
  5. What CPU cooler are u getting?
  6. I'm doing a custom loop. I may be using two 360 rads, but I'm not sure yet
  7. That RAM will also run up to 2400mhz!
  8. You like the dual 360 idea?
  9. Yeah, u can OC all it can : )
  10. Be warned though, you will not notice a difference from 1866 to 2133.
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  12. Good luck!
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