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I have a small network setup between my house and several neighbours' homes, in my house I have three computers running Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Windows 2000 Professional. My problem starts with loging onto the Server, unless I install NetBEUI on both systems then I cannot logon to the server, installing this fixes the problem but the whole thing runs slow. I have assigned an IP address of to the server and setup DHCP to assign IP Addresses from the scope in the range - I also have a second network card in the server that is attached to my Cisco 761M ISDN router the NIC is set to IP and the router is set to IP I am able to connect to the router on the server but only via the serial cable and not the LAN connection, If I connect to the router via the serial cable I can then connect to the internet, however I cannot connect to the router through any other machine on the network.

Please help.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. use Tcp/IP change you netwok to a Dlink and go to ms website
    there are some bugs in the first version and (ie WIN98 ME wich has a interface problem windows 2000 you need to download the network patch .The last version of windows200 comming very soon if you want make a good network use redhat
    version seven
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