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Very recently purchased an ATI Radeon 9000 for our Dell Dimension 3000 so that we can use 2 monitors with it. After installing it, we used only a single monitor for a short while with it until a VGA>DVI converter came in for the second monitor. Using 2 Viewsonic VA2231 22 inch monitors with the card. When we plugged in the second monitor, a noticeable flickering appeared on the secondary monitor that we had extended the desktop onto. I thought it was the Refresh, but in both the Windows display settings and CCC the refresh rate for both monitors was set at 60. Pressing the buttons on the monitor and scrolling to the information screen showed the first monitor running at a Horiz. Refresh 60 and Vert. Refresh 60, while the secondary monitor at 33.6 Horiz and 60 Vert.

I went into the CCC and changed the primary monitor's refresh rate to 30, and kept the secondary monitor's refresh rate at 60. The flickering stopped on the secondary, and appeared on the primary. Then I changed the refresh back to 60 on the primary, and the flickering remained. Only after a restart of the system did the flickering change back to the secondary monitor. We've tried plugging in a different monitor to both slots, and the flicker remained. I know the drivers are the most recent, as I had to download them to get the card to work in the first place. I'm fairly frustrated, so any help you could provide would be welcome. We're running Windows XP 32bit if that makes a difference.

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  1. Are you overclocking the graphics card? That in my experiance can cause flickering on an extended desktop. And also is your PSU suited for the card?
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