Need a little help building first ever gaming PC?

Hey there, I recently joined this forum to gain knowledge on building a gaming rig. I am sort of inexperienced on the building part.. but I have basic knowledge on computers.
I have a little list of what I need, but I am not sure if this is everything.. so feel free to add what ever you want to the list:

PC Case - Phantom NZXT Case Special Edition - (£100)

AMD Quad Core Phenom II X4 955 + 4GB RAM + Motherboard PACKAGE - (£180)

Powercool 750W PSU (£60)

EVGA GeForce GTX 550Ti 2GB - (£140)


I have a budget of around £520.

I have a few questions:
Question 1:
Will the motherboard shown above, fit the PC case? Will it be a perfect fit.. or will I have to fiddle around with it?

Question 2:
Will the graphics card shown above, fit the motherboard that is also shown above.

Question 3:
Will the power suply be enough to power everything I have listed.. and is the power supply any good as it is very cheap?

Sorry for the REALLY long question haha
I may change some things around in the near future as I may find better things to stick in the rig.
Thank you for taking your time to read this.. any feedback is appreciated and if you have any similar suggestions to the items displayed above.. don't be afraid to give me a lecture on why. :wahoo:
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  1. The GTX 550 ti is not worth the £140 it costs, there are alot better cards.

    GTX 560 : , don't be fooled by the 2GB VRam, it will not affect the performance of the card.

    Much better power supply : , that 750W power supply only has 32A on the 12V Rail, and cannot supply 750 watts of power, that power supply I linked can supply up to 86% of it's rated wattage, with 57A on the +12V Rail, this way you can safely overclock your CPU and GPU without worrying about power failure,.

    You'll be needing a DVD drive, and an OS.
  2. I can't tell what the form factor of that case is (ATX, micro ATX, or both) so I can't tell if the motherboard fits. Looking at the image of the motherboard, it's a micro ATX (micro ATX motherboards are nearly square-shaped whereas ATX are usually a 5:4 or 4:3 rectangle) so the case must support micro ATX.

    Like with what Yummerzzz states, you'll also need a DVD drive and an operating system. The motherboard has onboard audio and LAN (the latter used for networking or DSL), so those are good.

    I would recommend the Geforce GTX 465 - it has the most power for the buck, given Passmark's benchmark ratings. Given that you're after building a gaming rig, you'll want a powerful video card so put most of your money toward a video card. If the motherboard has a PCI-express x16 slot, today's video cards will almost certainly work. If you have a V1.1 PCI-e motherboard, the V2.0 PCI-e video card won't be at its full potential (if I recall). The reverse has the same effect.

    For the powersupply, the +12V rail is very important - the more amps this has, the better.

    You could also go with a smaller hard drive (like 320 GB or 250 GB) and, when you have more money available, upgrade to a 2 TB drive (find one with the fewest number of platters).

    As to building the computer, putting the parts together, you must know that computer hardware is static sensitive. You'll need to be grounded before you work with such components. You'll need a screwdriver as well (a manual, nonmagnetic one) and mounting screws (these are the small-type, fine-threaded, Philips screws typically a quarter inch long). Usually, mounting screws are provided, but, if all else, you can always go to your local computer store and buy some there - they're very cheap. Mounting screws are used to anchor video cards, sound cards, hard drives (though your case doesn't need mounting screws for the hard drives).
  3. The GTX 465 uses more power and has less performance than a GTX 460 at stock clocks.
  4. Oh thanks guys.. but what about either one of these graphics cards:


    How do those graphics cards compare to the ones that you guys described, and are they worth the money?
  5. Here is an update of the computer guys, I changed a few things:

    PC Case : NZXT Phantom White Enthusiast Full Tower Case (£99.98)

    I really like this PC case, it is a full tower so I know the components will fit, looking at its interior it is pretty much future proof so I will be sticking with it for a long time, it includes four fans so I wont be buying any extra fans unless recommended by you guys, I understand it is a bit pricey and can save a lot of money buying a different case serving the same purpose but I like the edgy look and really cant see me using any other case.

    Power Unit Supply: Corsair GS700 (£69.34)

    I have been looking around everywhere for PSU and I keep on finding one that people have never heard of, since a lot of guys recommended Corsair, I thought since this is my first build I might as well go for companies people actually trust, this one has 700W which I believe will be more then enough for my setup but I am not 100% sure, let me know if I need to go higher which I doubts, and I will be upgrading in the future. ( Yes the blue LED won me over lol)

    Motherboard: Asus M4A87TD EVO 870 Socket AM3 8 Channel Audio ATX (£74.55)

    I don't know much about motherboard but this one seems to have it all, USB 3.0, 7.1 audio chip pretty much everything I need but I do have one doubt that is whether the graphics card will fit since the graphic card has dual fan and is quite chunky.

    Ram:Corsair Vengeance 4GB (2x2GB) (£32.99)

    I was going for a 1 stick 4GB but i read somewhere that Dual Memory is better (Is this true?) so i am going for the 2x 2GB setup. As for the Corsair Vengeance, my cousin uses them and he recommended them, What do guys think ?

    Processor:AMD Phenom II X4 840 (£75.77)
    AMD Phenom II X4 995 Black Edition (£85.69)

    I know there is a 6 core processor out there but i am on a budget so i stuck with a quad-core, as i said im new to the whole computer building thing , is this processor good, i have seen a lot of people using it.

    Graphics Card:Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti 900MHz 1GB (OverClocked) (£172.99)

    What do you guys think about this graphics card? it is overclocked, I prefer NVIDIA over ATI (AMD) due to physix and cuda features and I find it easier to use (software wise) but I don't mind switching over if you guys recommend a better card for around the same price. I was thinking about getting the XTF Radeon HD 6870 but i looked around at benchmarks, reviews and this seems to be faster.

    Internal DVD drive:Sony AD-5260S-0B 24x Internal DVDRW SATA Black Bare (£13.99)

    You might be wondering why i am getting a cheap DVD drive that is because after a while i will be upgrading it to a blu-ray combo

    Harddrive:Seagate 500GB 3.5" Barracuda SATA-III 6Gb/s (£30.98)

    I was looking for a smaller harddrive capacity like 320GB that can utilize the SATA 3 since i was going to upgrade to a 1TB later but they are pretty much the same price as this one

    Big question: What you guys think?

    I know this is a long post and sorry about that but i really want to be sure that all these components will work together as i am spending quite abit of money on them, much appreciated if you have read this and i would like to hear some feedback and your thoughts. My original budget was £550 and have gone over budget but the new budget is £600 ( and it will stay at that lol)

    Thank you very much.
  6. Upgrade CPU to at least a Phenom II 955, as the 8XX series do not have L3 cache leading to worse performance. Downgrade other components like the case if you have to, or some other part, as a Phenom II 955 is pretty much the minimum for gaming, you might also want to grab an AM3+ motherboard for FX Zambezi processors when they are released.
  7. yummerzzz said:
    Upgrade CPU to at least a Phenom II 955, as the 8XX series do not have L3 cache leading to worse performance. Downgrade other components like the case if you have to, or some other part, as a Phenom II 955 is pretty much the minimum for gaming, you might also want to grab an AM3+ motherboard for FX Zambezi processors when they are released.

    Thanks for the replay mate, sorry I got the wrong CPU down, I am actually getting the one you mentioned:

    (Update to CPU)

    Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 995 Black Edition (£85.69)

    and about the motherboard can you give me some example of AM3+ boards as I have mentioned before I don't know much about mobos.

    Thanks mate
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