Intel dualcore 2 7ghz processor 98 degree celcius heat is it normal or eny

Hello guys My Systum Details r

Original Intel DG31Pr mother board
Intel Pentium Dualcore processor 2.7 Ghz
2 Gb DDR2 Ram
500 GB seagate sata HDD
No Graphic Card
No sound card
One cabinet fitted fan
My problum is when i start systum speedfan prog shows my cpu temp is 98 degree celcius.Is this Normal? or Not
I run only bitorrent prog to download other prog runs
Plz adwise me......

sorry for my english
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  1. download CoreTemp and see what that says about your cpu temps. if it is still that temperature, you may need a different heatsink & fan, or a new computer...its pretty old.
  2. make sure your cpu fan is actually spinning and not all clogged up with dust
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