Compaq c700 goes to external monitor then goes black

Hello, I have a friends compaq c700 laptop.. busted lcd and she has been using vga as external monitor. The other day she turned it on .. It shows thePOST screen and then monitor goes black..Also when i go to hard reset , I hit the power button it shuts right off,normally she has to hold it down to reset ..Makes me think some kind of load/boot error..but w/ black screen I have no clue..I have an old f700 w/ cracked lcd ..thinking of switching hdd into that one and seeing if her vga may have gone bad...AnY ADVICE would be great...
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  1. try toggling dispays when attached to the external monitor--usually by pressing fn + f5 or fn + f4 though some makers use a different f key

    just in case for some reason the bios has switched back to internal display only
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