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Hello all:

I'm looking to rebuild an old desktop system. It was a P4/RIMM but I accidentally broke some CPU pins a while back--nothing really worth salvaging with the setup. Now I need to have a desktop system again. Doesn't need to be a screamer, but should be able to do most things well, as well as be somewhat future-proof.

I'm looking to reuse the LianLi aluminum ATX case. Probably drop in everything else new.

I like the Gigabyte P68X (GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3)
board as a base. Get the Intel i5-2500k.

Need 8-12GB ram minimum. Graphics not critical. Plan to add 2-3 monitors to it tho. AMD Eyefinity is appealing, but it's AMD.

Looking at the Spinpoint for HDD. Possibly add a (Crucial?) 64-128GB SSD, if cost/benefit is worth it.

Like to get a 550-650 power supply.

The system will run most of the day, so power usage and heat (and noise) a factor. Prefer everything to have "smart fans". Most of what I'll do is more thread & memory intensive. Although I will play games once in a while. Most of what I do is stock market & related stuff.. news, charts, etc.

Guess I'm looking for a "beefy" office-type machine. Any comments/suggestions are welcome.

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  1. GPU

    You don't need 8gb only 4 is great for what you need. a 64 gb SDD. and a HDD that is 1tb and is 7200 RPM

    That gpu can do eyefinity and daul monitor. It is great for HDMI videos and such and decent for gaming. That is why it's 114$

    Also a 2500k is overclockable when the 2500 is not for what your doing there is no need for OC what so ever. The 2500 is perfect for what you need, hell a i3 would even be great. 10$ less for just 1 less feature.

    Also if it runs all day, there is no worry, windows will give 20 mins if no actvivity and your system will rest, if about a hour later the system will sleep and will be silent but still be running, and it wouldn't restart but just contiune where you were.
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    Have a look at these combos :

    Motherboard & SSD: $225- Gigabyte GA Z68X UD3 & Crucial M4 64 GB

    PSU & RAM: $125- Corsair Builder Series CX600 & Corsair Vengeance (2X 4GB)

    CPU & Optical Drive : $226- i5 2500K & Samsung DVD Writer
  3. z_4: I like the combos. Thanks.

    addson: Thanks.. not crazy about that video card. Looking for something a bit newer. And I was thinking about i3 but really don't want to scimp on processor power that much. Plus I'll need the cores.
  4. The 5750 is still a great card Pavdog. The 6000 series really isn't so much of a approvment.
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