DDR3 Ram vs DDR5

I have seen a lap top with a 5850 card but with the ddr3 memory, the machine is at a good price. How much worse will this be than with the DDR5 memory? Will a 5850 card with an i7 processor and the DDR 3 memory run World of Warcraft at 1080p? I tried googling and found the notebooks site said that with ddr 3 memory the card will be 40% worse but it's hard to know what this means in terms of gaming. I mainly play Warcraft and want to play the new Star Wars MMO at the end of the year and I have seen this machine at a good price and wonder whether it might do me.
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  1. The 5850 in a laptop will game nicely at 1080p, at least from a laptop perspective. Keep in mind that you really can't directly compare a 5850 with DDR3 in a laptop with a 5850 with DDR5 in a desktop. They are really different GPUs.

    I have both GPUs, including an Alienware M15X with the 5850, and they both do quite well in their performance levels.
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