My pc is turn on for seconds then turn off without using start button just when

Hello,the electricity n my place shuttdown suddenly when i was using my pc, after it returns i try to turn it on bt it turn on for second and then turn off??? i remove the ram to make sure that my motherbord is still works and it peeped so replaced the psu witha new one but nothing happen!!! i remove all components and then reconnect it and the same senario ???? i need ur suggestions
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  1. please , explain what happened to you a little more clearly.
    the only reason i can think of for happening like that is that your motherboard is receiving too much power from the PSU and ( i don't know which wire it is ) it flows into some wire , in which when electricity flows trips something else which causes a momentary power fluctuation causing a restart.

    in fact this is what happens when we press the reset button.
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