Ati has reset your graphics accelerator

ive built my own pc nearly a month ago after finishing the computer an installin a few games like Heroes of Newerth and Teamfortress2 i tried to play these games but after only a short time playing the screen would freeze and the error message ati has reset your graphics accelerator would come up i sent the card back to Overclockers whom i bought it from and after a month finally the card came i began to play portal and tf2 for around an hour but when i went on to Hon for 10 minutes the error message came up am wondering is it the graphics card or the game i checked can you run it and it says i can run it at full specs.
what do you think i should do give up and upgrade to a nvidia card or is it a high spec problem.
The card is a 5750 ATI XFX.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Welcome to the forums.

    Is it the same card you sent or another one?

    Try different drivers and see if the problem persists. That message is displayed when your video card fails and the driver restarts the card if i remember right, like a fail safe so you won't have to restart your PC. Nvidia did not have that when i bought my HD2600xt, don't know about that now.
  2. The one im using now is the new one i know about the reseting failsafe and the drivers i downloaded where from steam could that be it ahould i install from the website. Thanks
  3. Certainly could be driver related.

    Get them from AMD...

    First thing you do is uninstall all your old video drivers. Then you reboot. It's a good idea to use Driver Sweeper at this point to really clean out the ATI drivers. Then reboot again if you do that, and then install the new drivers.

    Otherwise, could be temps. Although it should be a fairly cool card but if your case has no ventilation it would eventually get very hot in there. GPUZ and/or MSI Afterburner can monitor the card.
  4. Right will give it ago. thanks
  5. ...and the easiest way to test for too high temps is to remove the side panel and check your temps with GPUz as well as seeing if you get the same error - or not
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