New Build gone wrong

Ok so here is what I started out with:

Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3
Rosewill Xtreme 750W
HIS IceQX Turbo 6950
Seagate Baraacuda 1TB Sata
LiteOn BluRay Drive
2x4GB Corsair XMS3 1600 MhZ

First issue was that I can't put the memory in dual channel. It won't go through POST, so I put it in single channel and everything boots fine. Installed a fresh copy of windows. Installed the drivers for everything from CD and updated from internet and everything works good. Just to test things out I installed RealFlight G5.5 and went to run it and the computer black screens and reset itself everytime I go to run it. If I take out the 6950 and run from onboard graphics seems to work just fine. As long as I'm not running the game the 6950 seems to work OK. This is a new install so I can't imagine there is much else. Going to RMA the board cause I figure there is a bent pin or something that won't let me use the dual channel. But other than that what else should i be looking into. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Ran Memtest and memory seems to be fine. BTW. Need to download some other test logging apps, suggestions?
  2. couple things, worst case scenario, you have a bad GPU and MEM set. This seems to be a mobo issue though, as there are multiple ports acting up. another possibility is a bad psu. if the psu isnt giving stable power to the system you could have multiple problems. could be a bad 20+4 pin or something with the actual unit itself. Do you get any error codes? have you tried MemTest or plugging the gpu into a different unit? try hooking up the mobo or psu to a different rig? pain in the butt i know, but i would make sure what exactly is broken.
  3. Tried memtest on each stick individually and it passed both. I'm going to see if I can get the board replaced today since I got it from the local MicroCenter and I'll try again. I don't get any error codes, screen just goes black, computer powers down and then powers back up. I don't have another rig to plug everything up too unfortunately.
  4. k. sounds like there is definately something up with the ram slots, but the gpu still could be bad. check everything again, and if you think about it, bring your psu in, they should have a tester there to make sure everything is good with it.
  5. If you have or can borrow some other ram that you can test with you could narrow down if its a ram incompatibility.

    If you feel confident the ram is not the issue i would say remove the amd video card and run a CPU stress test using on board. If the issue is the ram or board this might flush it out. Use furmark or something of the sort.

    My gut says its the ram. But at this point it could be anything. I had a gigabyte 775 board that would not run with the gskill 1066 ram i bought even though the ram was the correct spec. It just kept blue screening. I ended up using some gskill 800 ram i had laying around and put the 1066 ram in a cheap foxconn board. Both the ram and the board worked great...they just did not work together.
  6. I'll give that a go. I just figured if it was the bad stick would still give me problems when I just had the one installed. I'm not ruling anything out at this point. Just trying to work out the possibilities before the frustration of it all drives me insane. . lol. Thanks for the input.
  7. I had a very similar problem last year, but I don't know if it will be relevant to you. While playing certain games, after 10 minutes or so, my computer would crap out, and restart. Games like L4D, COD, and Last Remnant would cause the crash, but simple games like Geometry Wars, or Romance of the Three Kingdoms ran fine. I figured out, my psu wasn't holding it's weight. I had a 750w ps, running a GTX 295, 5 hd's, Phenom x 4 @3.5. My system wasn't pushing nearly that much power, but after switching my PS for a better, more reliable brand, all those problems went away. My system doesn't crash anymore.
  8. My first thought would be the PSU - Rosewill are not a very good brand, and despite it being rated at 750w it doesnt necessarily make it stable.

    You only need a slight voltage droop on one of the rails for it to cause all sorts of problems
  9. I replaced the board and RAM through RMA at my local shop and everything seems to be running fine now. I'm going to try some more intense games later this week and later keep in mind that I'll probably upgrade the PSU. Thanks for the comments though.
  10. I spoke too soon. Everything was running great, I was able to run memory in dual channel, had some apps running and decided to push it up a notch and load the 3dMark11 benchmark to see how it would handle that. Half way through the demo it started restarting itself again. So looks like I'm getting a new PSU this weekend. Thanks for all the advice. I'll report back if this resolves the issue or not.
  11. System seems to be stable now, upgraded to a Corsair AX850W and reinstalled everything. Seems to give me a few problem booting when I leave my external USB connected, but I think that may be in the BIOS and I'll play around with that later. Otherwise runs great, stays pretty cool, and am able to run Crysis 2 at full HD with DX11 and High Res Textures. Very please with the setup. Thanks for the help.
  12. Great PSU, and best wishes!
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