[Pls Rspdt ASAP] Best replacement for motherboard/CPU


I would like your opinion on what I should do in the following situation:

I have an (very) cheap motherboard (but new) that I just found (apon opening the box) out to only supports a 65Watt TDP, and I have two AM2(+) (Athlon 64 x2) processors that are 89Watts. They are obviously incompatible, and I'm not sure what I should do. I could either return the motherboard (with a restocking fee), and buy a new, compatible one, or I could buy a new processor. The processors are not returnable, so I want what you think would get the most "power" out of a buck. Anything over $30 isn't possible.

The motherboard is a ZOTAC GeForce 6100-ITX and supports AM2, AM2+, & AM3.

The processors are: (both are 65Watt+, about 89watt for both)
1) AM2 3800+ Athlon 64 x2
2) AM2+ 4600+ Athlon 64 x2

Please respond ASAP, as I'm not sure how much time I have to return my items to Newegg...

Please remember my budget is tight and I cant really spend anything more than 30 bucks (wow... what a small budget! )... I've already spend alot on this project...

Thank you for any help you can give,
Sam H.
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  1. I would check your local craigslist; either sell your old cpus there or look for a cheap am2 board such as this one: http://www.ascendtech.us/foxconn-mcp61sm2ma-rs2h-ddr2-motherboard_i_mbfoxmcp61sm2ma.aspx?agent=pricewatch.
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