Will replacing ATX PSU with ATX2.2 PSU work

Hello, my old ATX PSU gave up so I bought a new one. Besides having 20+4 connector instead of 20 the white wire delivering -5V is gone.
The mobo is a Epox8RDAEI rev1 and the manual is dated november 2003.
Anyone tried/know what happens when you plug ATX2.2 PSU on ATX board without the -5V present?
I also wondered about benefit of using adapter 24>20 pins. The first 20 pins are layed out similarly so leaving the last four dangling open should do the trick, any opinions on this?
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  1. The -5 V was only really used for older ISA slots which haven't been used in a long time, as long as you aren't trying to use an ISA card(i doubt you have a slot for one) you wont run into an issue with the missing -5 V rail.

    The 20+4 connector exists so you dont need to use an adapter, you can just plug in the 20 and leave the 4 out, they wont cause any problems if they are just hanging there.

    Only thing that may be an issue, does your motherboard require an auxiliary 4 or 8 pin CPU power connector? If it doesn't that would indicate that your CPU is heavily powered from the 5 V rail which could be an issue on a modern power supply, but if you are running a Pentium 4 or later it really shouldn't be an issue as its fed from the 12 V rail.
  2. My problem seems to be solved then, there is no ISA slots on my "old" mobo.

    There is a 4-pin +12V power connector on the mobo for the CPU (Socket A, Athlon 2500+Barton).

    Thanks for help.
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