What router should I get?

Hi everyone!

I am looking into buying a new type N router for my household. I currently have an old d-link di-624 which I bought several years back cheap on eBay. Up to know it worked pretty well and didn't have a problem with it, but since a few months it has been lacking. When used with a rj-45 cable plugged directly into it, it works fine but me and my gf both bought a laptop and it's wireless is simply bad. When I connect to the wireless network and I try to download something the router keeps restarting, making my games crash on my wired computer and making my download halt on my laptop. It's time to upgrade.

I want to buy a new type N router but I'm very specific as to what I want and I want it to fit my current situation. I have been looking around for a few days now but the reviews are so scattered and there is so much mixed opinions that I just don't know what to chose. That is why I came here.

Here is my situation / what I want :

- I live in a small town where not many people use wireless , hence there is only 1 other person on my street that has a wireless network and I almost don't detect it cause he is several houses away. So I don't think I need a dual Band router since I shouldn't get any interference. But I saw someplace that the 5ghz frequency had better performance... is this true? if so should I get dual band?

- I mostly use my desktop that will be plugged in the router with a rj-45 cable (ethernet). I use my laptop to surf the web once in a while, but it is mostly to download podcasts and listen to them. The laptops don't go very far from the router but I would like to be able to use my laptop on the balcony, so I would like the router to have a strong signal.

- I don't want the router to jitter and restart constantly when a laptop is using the net. Noting is more aggravating then
when I'm 20 minutes into a game of starcraft 2 and my GF opens her laptop and I lose the net. I am looking for stability here.

- As far as my main pc goes, I am an hardcore gamer. I constalty game and I am always downloading something. So I want performance. ( I do know that it depends mostly on my bandwith that comes with my internet service and that a router won't make a huge difference, but I heard that some actually do )
I am using 10 mbps high speed internet . ( can't wait for FO to come here)

- As of now I have 4 devices that will be directly plugged in to the router, so It would be nice to have one that has more that 4 ethernet outputs, altough this isn't 100% necessary since I do have a switch I could use if I ever run out.

- As far as setting the router up, I don't mind if it is complicated I have completed a course in electronic engineering and I am currently studying computer science.

- I would love the router to have a usb port where I can plug in a external hard drive and share files over the network. Or do some of the new routers come in with a build-in HDD / Flash memory?

- I am willing to pay up to 150$ on the router, but if you have suggestions for router above that price still recommend them, since I might just be tempted to dish out a little more cash.

If you need more info please ask.
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  1. After looking at several more reviews here are 3 choices that come to mind.

    1- Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH

    2- netgear rangemax wndr3700

    3- D-link DIR-655 Xtreme N

    Have any of you tried these?
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    Krang I was in the same situation as you. I purchased a Linksys WRT610N the other day. I called tech support and they hooked everything up quickly and professionally. All laptops, wired computer, and gaming boxes work very well. So far I'm very pleased. I called tech support before I made a decision and the guy in tech support sold me the router for $109.00 with latest version. You may want to try the same route to save money. Goodluck
  3. Yeah dude, the Cisco Valet routers are probably your best bet. Plus Linksys/Cisco support has been the best that I have ever had to use.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, I ultimately ordered the Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH.

    After reading several reviews on this product I cam to the conclusion that right now, this is the most powerfull, stable and feature rich router there is (in my price range)

    I got it for 90$ on amazon.

    The only gripe people seem to have with this router is that the standard firmware that ships with the router is ugly and a headache to configure.

    Now on the other hand, people say that the latest firmware works fine and looks allot better.

    Another plus is that it supports the DD-WRT and Tomato firmwares. So basically, someone who has minimum knowledge in routers can easily put in what many people think are the 2 best firmwares on any router. I will personally put DD-WRT since it is praised so much.

    Another interesting feature with the router is that I can plug in a HDD to it, then have acces to it anywhere.

    It also has an incorporated bit torrent client which means I can start downloading a torrent and close all of my computers, when I open my comp back up it will be finished.

    It is also dual-band.


    I will keep you up to date on how well it performs for me.
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