Broke 1055t, need new CPU, opinions please!

So I just built my new computer like 20 days ago and I just got my hyper 212 to oc my 1055t and I broke it.... So I was think about getting a fx 8120 but I have been looking at various benchmarks from today and the 2500k seems like a better buy. They are the same price so it does not matter to me. I mostly game and I am going to get BF3. The fx series seem to be geared more toward multi threaded applications and not gaming. Also the 2500k beat the 8150 in most categories. I want this computer to last a long time and I think the 8150 would last longer as more stuff becomes multi-threaded. Is that the case? Or should I just get the 2500k which is what I am leaning towards at this point. Also I will be doing overclocking and which one will be better for that? The 2500k is 95w so that would run cooler the the 8120 correct?

Thanks for the input!
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  1. Well the I5 2500K will not fit an AMD motherboard, so if you go that route you will need a new board.
    How did you damage the 1055T?
  2. Yeah I am going to return the board. And I tried pulling of the hsf and I was twisting it around to break the bond but it wouldn't come off and I ended up pulling the cpu out and I think thats how that happened. A pin was completely flat and I tried to bend it back and it just snapped.
  3. Based on today's release news, going with the 2500K is what I would do.
    Always heat up the cpu (by running the machine) before pulling the cooler off.
  4. Thats what I thought. Thanks for the advice!!
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